Firmer Figures

Fess Up or Mess Up

Reading this book is like having Georgette alongside you.  No financial dilemma is too much and her practical and realistic advice is so refreshing and always leads you to a solution.  

Suzannah Nichol MBE

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So What’s The Book About?

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Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

5 Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. The character types of business owners and entrepreneurs, so that you can identify your own weaknesses and strengths and understand the best way for you to operate
  2. Valuable information on when and why you should outsource as well as the importance of learning to be adaptable and flexible to change
  3. What to expect from your accountant and your bookkeeper so you can hire them with confidence
  4. The financial warning signs that identify how close you are to business failure that most entrepreneurs miss or don't take seriously enough.
  5. Deciding whether to save your business versus starting over; and the options available

    About The Author


    As a young girl Georgette turned her back on a career in Hotel & Catering to enter the faster paced world of IT and Corporate Finance in Central London. It was the era of the Yuppie; and everything about her was wrong. 

    ·  Wrong age

    ·  Wrong colour

    ·  Wrong sex

    · Wrong class

    However she thrived there and very soon was managing the the IT and skills outsourcing requirements for companies including NM Rothchilds, UBS, NatWest Bank, Merrill Lynch, Bank of Tokyo, Next Retail & the Ministry of Defence to name a few.. Financial Institutions was her main specialism. It tied in with her accounting training, which she once swore she would never use as it was "too boring"

    She was head hunted by her last corporate employer, because they had failed to get a foot in the door at the Bank of England & the Inland Revenue and she managed the contracts for both. When by a stroke of pure coincidence they interviewed her sister for a position; they took the opportunity to persuade her to come on board. It took a while but she eventually made the leap.

    She later managed a joint venture partnership with a company called Tandem, which became a division of Compaq Computers Europe Once it was showing profit & with a second child at home; she finally left the corporate world to go into business with a friend. It was an industry she knew little about, and almost ruined her financially.

    Her answer was to put into practice the financial tools that she advised others to use and go out & hustle. 

    She accepted directorships for 2 private companies. Took on overflow work from accountancy practices both while building up a bank of private clients; until she was ready to strike out on her own.

    She now runs the Financial Gym, dedicated to educating about business money in plain language, as well as a virtual bookkeeping service for those who just want to hand it all over.

    Her business mission is to take the fear out of business finances for entrepreneurs while kicking her profession up the butt.

    Her life mission is to build a business her children will be proud of and have the most fun doing it.

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